About AltaVoice

AltaVoice is a patient-centered data company in Silicon Valley with an innovative story and business model that optimizes the search for better treatments for diseases. We build and host Patient Insights Networks (PINs). PINs are ideal for collecting, curating and sharing patient and clinician reported health data. We work with drug developers, advocacy organizations and academic researchers, uniting them with patients to help improve lives.

Via our PINs, we deliver patient insights faster, and for far less, than traditional registries and CRO organizations. Our approach fosters ongoing patient engagement and enables advocacy organizations worldwide to unite their data collection efforts while maintaining their brand presence. As you’ll see from our Mission, we are committed to breaking down the data silos that impede medical advances.

Since 2007, we have developed programs for more than 400 diseases through our work with over 100 advocacy groups, NIH, PCORI, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. In 2016, we were honored by Vice President Joe Biden’s invitation to participate in the Cancer Moonshot events at the Whitehouse in recognition of our pioneering work.

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